"Jem's Cough"
One-shot by rebeccathehistorian


Fiction K




Drama, Hurt & Comfort


Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Jem Blythe


Books, Green Gables Fables



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"Jem's Cough" is a one-shot that was written by rebeccathehistorian. It was published on the 28th of April 2015.


Although Jem has a cough, will Anne and Gilbert be able to find a medication that he can take that's not a narcotic? A one-shot. Set in the Green Gables Fables universe. Now fixed.

Additional informationEdit

So I guess this is essentially a triple (quadruple?) crossover - Anne of Green Gables series (Anne of Ingleside (because it's 1900)/Rainbow Valley (because of the children's ages)), Green Gables Fables, and a tiny scene from "1900 House." My personal Green Gables Fables headcannon is that Gilbert becomes a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon. I don't have a headcannon that Jem hates prunes; it just worked for the story. So if you want Jem to hate prunes or to love them, I don't care either way; I'm on either side of it as long as it works for the story.

On a historical note, this story was inspired by the scene from 15:20-17:11 of Episode 2 ("A Rude Awakening") in "1900 House." Just so everyone knows, "1900 House" is a program where the production team took a modern-day (at the time 1999) family and sent them back in time to a middle-class lifestyle of 1900 for three months. Also, fyi, the "1900 House" did not contain narcotics (morphine, opium, etc.) because the production team had to adhere to 1999 standards as best they could while giving as much of an authentic feel of 1900 to the "1900 House." This is also the reason why in the story I said that Gilbert couldn't find cough drops in the medicine cabinet; according to Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things by Charles Panati, around 1900 there were two kinds of cough suppressants - morphine and heroin (pages 258-260, but specifically pg. 258). Therefore, neither of them would have been in the "1900 House."

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