This a list of this wiki's policies. Please be sure to abide by them or you will be given a warning or a temporary ban from the site.


There are only a few hard and fast rules, but please be aware of them before contributing.

Do not edit other people's work. This should go without saying. If it's not yours, don't touch it without permission, not even to correct grammar or spelling mistakes. You may instead offer your services as a beta reader.

Do not spam. Outbound links on your profile are OK, but please keep these to a minimum. Comments must be on-topic and not generic (e.g. 'I loved it!!!').

Do not repost other people's work without their permission. Yes, this is a fanfiction archive, and may host some people's work, but unless you have express permission from the creator, redistributing stories here is not OK. Best stick to links to their sites instead.

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