Annefiction is designed to be a home for all Anne of Green Gables fanfiction. It consists of two parts:

Annefiction CatalogueEdit

An organised, searchable catalogue of Anne of Green Gables fanfiction, located in Category:Catalogue. Every fic page has a link to where the fic can be read (e.g. AO3, FanFiction.Net or our own Annefiction Archive).

Annefiction ArchiveEdit

This is where those with a Wikia account can post their fics on this wiki. Wikia users post their fics in blog posts, which are collected in Category:Archive. Anonymous users may use the "Read" namespace.

Sister sitesEdit

We are affiliated with the Anne of Green Gables Wiki.

There is also a German Anne of Green Gables fanfiction wiki, named Anne Shirley Fanfiction Wikia.

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