"An Uninvited Guest"
One-shot by katherine-with-a-k


Fiction T




Romance, Humour


Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Rachel Lynde, Marilla Cuthbert


Anne of Windy Poplars



Word count


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"An Uninvited Guest" is a one-shot by katherine-with-a-k.


Anne and Mrs Lynde are forced to stay at the Blythes for the night. Where will Anne sleep? And how can Gilbert sleep knowing she is under his roof?

Additional informationEdit

This short story takes place during the time of Anne of Windy Willows. I was interested in the ways that Anne and Gilbert kept their passion alive while they spent so much time apart. I wondered if their time spent away from each other wasn't purely for practical reasons, but as a precaution, and what might happen when they do reunite.

It is early spring, and both Gilbert and Anne have returned to the Avonlea during Easter; Marilla has a bad turn and Rachel has to support her while Anne drives them in search of the doctor. Unable to find him they turn to the Blythe homestead in search of Gilbert, who had been assisting Dr Spencer with a difficult operation. He helps to stabilise Marilla, and then takes her to the surgery. Mrs Blythe insists Anne and Rachel remain at the Blythe's for the rest of the night.

With love and gratitude to L.M. Montgomery for her amazing characters and stories, everything is hers, only this idea is mine.

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